History of the Museum's premises

The building of Latvian Sports Museum is a part of the common building of 5, 7, 8, 11 and 14 Alksnāja Street and 9 Vecpilsētas Street – a complex of dwelling houses and warehouses of 16th-19th century. As of the foundation of the Sports Museum in 1st of January 1990 premises in Old Riga, Alksnāja Street 7/9 have been obtained. The buildings haven’t kept their original construction as they have experienced fires and reconstructions to change the purpose of the buildings.

 As a result of digging and historical research of dungeons and surroundings some of the most ancient sill remains in Riga. Other findings showed signs of an ancient Marketplace before these buildings where built. Till the 17th century the medieval wall of Riga was located a little bit further on. Oddments of brick constructions have remained most likely from the 14th century. Since the middle of 16th century the wooden building has been replaced by stone dwelling houses that have been destructed by fire. Pieces of fundaments and basement walls have retained in current buildings that have been built in 17th century – in time when trade and transit flourished in Riga.

For the first time the building Nr. 7 has been mentioned in written documents in 1660. It has been used as a warehouse. In 17th and 18th century the building was owned by Dreiling and Zimmermann, both merchants, but in 1930s the owner was R. Hafenberg. The building still has a load lifting mechanism – a windlass and on top of the oak gates a moulding shaped as a bird that’s caught a fish. This kind of constructions where used as a sign of a membership of the warehouse owner and as an address also because in 17th century buildings in Riga where not numerated yet.

Building Nr. 9 was built in 17th century and has been used as a dwelling house until 19th century. From 1849 till 1856 this building was transformed and rebuilt to be used as a warehouse. Later on it belonged to a Jewish preaching house. A part of this building’s entrance portal has remained until today. In the stand of both buildings iron anchors and crosses have been walled in.

Renovation and restoration of buildings have been carried out from 1987 till 1992 by a polish company PKZ, edifices have been rebuilt for more than 85%-90%. As a result of this buildings obtained a functional entirety. On 7th of February 1992 the museum moved to premises in 7/9 Alksnāja Street. In 1992-1993 the ownership to the buildings has been given back to the lawful owners. Latvian Sports Museum has been renting premises in both buildings.

Since 2001 the museum continues to work in just one building – 9 Alksnāja Street.