In the Garden of Destiny reminiscences of Latvian athletes - victims of repression

Minister of Education and Science Ina Druviete along with the members of the Association of Latvian Sports Veterans (seniors), employees of Latvia Sports Museum, sports persons and members of their families visited the Garden of Destiny on 13th of July 2014 to honour the memory of Latvian athletes who became victims of different kinds of repressions.

Exactly a year ago - on July 13th, in the Garden of Destiny, not far from the apple tree lane a special memorial site called To Latvian athletes – victims of repressions was unveiled, to honour the memory of the most prominent athletes of Latvia. I. Druviete was introduced to the main works that have been accomplished in the Garden of Destiny so far, and those that are planned to be done for the Garden of Destiny to become a present to Latvia’s 100th jubilee in 2018. Representatives of Koknese foundation and Koknese municipal council also took part in the venue.

First activities in the Garden where started in 2008, by forming an alley of small apple trees, in 2009, the road around the island was build, using the funds of donations. The construction of the central part of the garden – amphitheatre – started in 2010 and the works went on in 2011 and 2013 as well. In 2012, the observation terrace was built and cobbling of the apple tree lane was commenced.

This year, using founds already raised in the charity event in the Castle of Light (the building of the National Library of Latvia) on the 17th of June 2014, and the money that will be donated in the framework of the sixth charity event of the Television of Latvia called Top Latvijas Likteņdārzs! In the 9th of August 2014, it is planned to construct visitors parking site.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the creation of the Garden of Destiny by planting a tree, bringing a boulder for the amphitheatre or by donating a cobblestone with your name for the Friends of the Garden of Destiny Lane ( or just by landing a hand in different kinds of works.

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