Books revealing the world of sports

On the 21st of August, Latvia Sports Museum organised a meeting with the representatives publishing house Jumava who told about the books on sports they have published so far and about their plans for future.

Along with the modern contemporary editions, visitors had a chance to see truly brilliant books of the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century and interwar period, dedicated to sports that used to be kept in the shelves of the library of Latvian Institute of Physical Education (established in 1921).

As an example we can mention the Swedish sports cyclopaedia that has several volumes - Illustrerad Idrottsbok (author - Viktor Balck), it has been published in 1888. One volume itself contains 1500 illustrations. We can mention Spemanns goldenes Buch des Sports, published in Berlin&Stuutgart V. Spellmann’s publishing house in 1910, the Physiologie der Leibesübungen (Ferdinand Lagrange) published in Jena in 1912 or the official issue of the Stockholm Olympic Games The Olympic Games of Stockholms 1912 Official report of the same year.

The sports books issued in Latvia and all over the world in interwar period are very interesting as well. As an example - Daiļskriešana uz ledus (Baumanis R., Riga, 1924) or the issue dedicated to the world worker’s olympiad 2. Arbeiter Olympiade Wien, 19.–26. Juli 1931. and other issues.

 Photos of the venue (author - Baiba Lāce, Latvia Sports Museum):

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