Latvian Fire Fighting Museum is visiting us

On 30th of October 2014 Latvia Sports Museum welcomed guests from Latvian Fire Fighting Museum. We were honoured to welcome the museum’s director Aivars Mednis, specialist of scientific research Ilze Bergmane, the main collection’s keeper Janīna Kleina. And the former chief of State Fire and Rescue Service, State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior Aivars Straume who has been a great athlete – medium size and long distance runner, holder of the USSR youth record during his adolescence (1970’s, 1980’s) was one of the guests.

Latvian Fire Fighting Museum was opened in 1978 in the centre of Riga, 5 Hanzas Street in a beautiful Art Nouveau building designed by Riga main architect Reinhold Georg Smeling, built in 1912, the building is a local historic architectural monument. Latvia Sports Museum’s leading research worker Rita Apine told about museums neighbours – sports associations, buildings in the scope of heritage value.

More information of Latvian Fire Fighting Museum in the website