Basketball was the great choice of her life

The legendary Latvian athlete Dzidra Karamiševa (02.05.1930–27.12.2014) has passed away. Sadly, it will be no longer possible to have a chat or just to meet up in a sports venue.

The image of the big yellow chick winded round by the story of Dzidra’s moniker Cālis (transl. in Eng. – chick) given by her mother in her early childhood. The moniker followed her during school years in Riga Children’s Sports School (Rīgas bērnu sporta skola), in basketball and volleyball grounds, and even in the fantastic victories of TTT master team during many ears will stay in our hearts and memories.

Zigurds Mežavilks – a photographer who worshipped the talent of Dzidra Karamiševa once wrote:

"On the playfield Dzidra’s main weapons where: fearless offensive tactics to get through the jungle of defence of opponents, strong individual guarding, and understanding of the situation. Intuition, experience and knowledge of Dzidra Karamiševa have helped the TTT team to find the way to the victory more than once.

In life, Dzidra is completely fair. Even in time when there legally existed two or more truths, she was following solely her conscience and sense of duty.

Many foreign editions all over the world have published thousands of her photographs and highest level praise. The fame and success never made her dizzy.

Me and I’m certain – many other Latvians and foreign admirers will keep Dzidra Karamiševa in their hearts as a Person with a capital “P”, as a patriot and as a legendary athlete that her friends call just Chick. And there is a lot of tenderness in this lovely nickname."

Dz. Karamiševa entrusted to Sports Museum everything that has been meritoriously won during her long sports career. This legacy now is kept in our museum. It will help to keep in mind a fantastic part of the history of our sports and basketball and will revive the memories of starts in many countries in Europe and worldwide.

LA good heart and a good life’s work belong to paradise. In basketball paradise, Dzidra Karamiševa will have her very own golden throne. Thank you!

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